Exxentric®, started in 2011, is the leading flywheel strength equipment in the world. Flywheel strength equipment is a space saving solution that is deployable and offers a total body workout. Exxentric has developed innovative, science-based training equipment for strength and conditioning, including the LegExx, LegFlexx, kPulley, and the kBox4. These versatile products are used by performance coaches, personal trainers and physical therapists worldwide.

Train Your Entire Body with the kBox4

The opportunities for effective exercises are practically infinite using the kBox4 flywheel training device. These exercises include: squat, split squat, deadlift, biceps curl, row, shrug, and leg curl. The kBox4 offers a total body workout.

Unlock a Variety of Movements with the kPulley2

The kPulley2 unlocks a variety of horizontal and rotational movements, creating limitless training possibilities especially when combined with the kBox4. Its built-in kMeter feedback system allows you to monitor your progress in real-time.

LegExx and LegFlexx

The SingleExx product line is based on the latest flywheel training technology, made popular by the kBox4 and kPulley , which, among other benefits, makes the flywheels interchangeable across multiple devices. Video highlights the LegExx.

Scientific Evidence

Flywheel Training has strong scientific evidence, which supports the value of flywheel strength training. Below are two of these studies. More studies are available upon strength request.

Eccentric Exercise Adapations and Applications

Journal of Functional Morphology and Kinesiology

Effect of Eccentric Overload with Chronic Renal Failure Patients

Journal of Functional Morphology and Kinesiology

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