Grace Premier Fitness and Wellness Products, Inc. offers a wide range of fitness and rehab products with a goal of providing safe, innovative solutions to meet the fitness and rehab needs for the military, federal, state and local agencies.

Below are industry leading brands that are exclusively represented on the GSA market by Grace Premier Fitness and Wellness Products, Inc.

Black Iron Strength®

Black Iron Strength® is Made in the USA and started in 2000. It is the only strength equipment with antimicrobial copper handles, killing all germs. Offering innovative and space saving solutions, such as 40 pairs of conventional dumbbells in 12 sq. ft.

Copper Clean® Self-Sanitizing Patches

Copper Clean® patches transform high touch surfaces such as door handles and hand rails to self-sanitizing surfaces that minimize the spread of harmful bacteria and viruses. These patches are approved by the EPA, eliminate the need for harsh chemicals and reduce cleaning costs.

Exxentric® Flywheel Equipment

Exxentric®, started in 2011, is the leading flywheel strength equipment in the world. Flywheel strength equipment is a space saving solution that is deployable and offers a total body workout.

G-Max™ Titan Olympic Platforms

The patented G-Max Titan Olympic Platforms are the only PORTABLE and DEPLOYABLE Olympic platforms on the market. They are easily moved from one location to another and can be used outdoors.

Gungnir Bars with Built-in Collars

Gungnir of Norway® offers the only Olympic bars and loadable dumbbells with BUILT-IN collars. The patented SlideLock™ technology makes for a safer and more user-friendly weight-lifting experience.

Trueform™ Motorless Treadmills

Trueform™ treadmills are non-motorized curved treadmills that offer a natural workout and have the shallowest curve on the market that promotes a balanced gait and gives the user control over speed. Zero electrical consumption and motor-less design means significant operation and maintenance savings.

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