The 1” thick G-Max Titan Portable Platforms are manufactured from a patented proprietary blend of Thermoplastic Resins, SBR Rubber and UV Stabilized Pigments blended to create the look of Real Wood with the durability and performance of rubber. All in a Portable Platform that is easily moved from one location to another.


PORTABLE and DEPLOYABLE: easily carried or moved
– Available in 4’ deep and 6’ deep platforms
– Extremely Durable
– Will not dent like traditional wood
– Similar feel and traction as wood platforms
– Made from Super High Density SBR Rubber
– Shipped in Synthetic wood (as shown)
– Patented Design
– Attaches to floor with removable, double-sided tape
– Ships in 3 separate sections

Platforms are available in four-foot deep and six-foot deep

The G-Max Titan Portable Platforms are a strong and durable option for those who require a portable platform solution. These platforms come in both four-foot and six-foot depths, and are made from a patented blend of Thermoplastic Resins, SBR Rubber, and UV Stabilized Pigments, which provides the look of real wood and the strength of rubber. The platforms are resistant to dents, and provide a similar feel and traction to traditional wood platforms. They are shipped in three separate sections, are easy to assemble, and attach to the floor with removable double-sided tape.

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